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All rates are open to negotiation, and trade/barter is always considered.

Studio/Location Photography

My standard rate for photography services is $150/hr.  This only covers my time - other products (prints, commercial usage licenses, post production work) are extra, though I'm generally willing to include a limited amount of product in the rate based on the shoot's purpose.  I am always willing to put together a package deal to fit your needs.  Please contact me for more information.

Event Photography

Event shoots are always a special case, and my rates will vary wildly (in select cases free) depending on the event.  I will normally grant promotional use rights to both the performers and the event organizers, and in many cases will allow the performers and event organizers to review and approve photos before any use.  The photos provided will be branded, though I will provide unbranded photos on a case-by-case basis.

I specialize in not using flash photography during events, which is well suited for performance art - I hate distracting from the show.  That said, also realize that the photo quality will not be quite as high as if I were using a flash.  The vast majority of my live event portfolio is shot without a flash. 


I will consider TFP/CD shoots depending on the subject.  Of especial interest are:

  • Fire Performers – Willing to breath fire, set yourself ablaze, or some other human pyrotechnic display.
  • Cosplay – Models who have amazing costumes or outfits and really know how to get into character.
  • Bizarre – Have something unusual or unique that NOBODY else can do.
  • Location – Can offer some exquisite or highly unusual location to shoot.
  • Scars – Looking for models or people with scars, and a story behind it.
  • Print – Opportunities for published fashion, art, magazine, or catalog work.
  • Referral – Line up paid work for me and I’m game!