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General FAQ

Do you shoot weddings?
Traditional weddings, NO. Alternative weddings, perhaps.
Do you do outdoor photo shoots?
Definately - and in many cases I prefer them
Can I send you a photo of what style I am looking for?
I really like your style, but don’t have much of a budget. can we work something out?
There are some options - it's unlikely, but not impossible.
Trade/Barter - do you have, or can you do, something I want or need?
Print – this doesn't just mean "we’re going to try and get an ad in this magazine".
Creative License to cause Ragnarok – I shoot your pieces in whatever theme or concept I happen to want to do at the time. Whatever the concept I come up with, that’s what you get. It’s also likely to be a one-way trip for whatever items you give me - fair warning.
I have an idea I’d like to collaborate with you on. Will you shoot it?
If it’s wild, original, crazy, strange, or controversial, talk to me about it! If you want to shoot just another blank face with paint on it, find someone else. There’s a ton of very good, very professional fashion photographers in this town that specialize in hair and makeup shots. I’m not one of them. . . unless I’m getting paid for it. Pitch me something off the wall, and I’m game.

Event FAQ

Do you have to use Flash?
No, and for most events I would prefer not to. I find flash photography at events to be annoying, and it is very disruptive to attendees. In addition, flash photography will completely ruin any video recording that is being done.
What do you do with the photos?
I will generally give web resolution copies of selected photos to the event organizers and any performers. I also will generally give performers the right to veto the use of their photos in any way. The event photos I use are for my portfolio only. I do require attribution if the photos are to be posted without my branding on them. Any specific requirements or restrictions can be negotiated before the event.

Model FAQ

What do you do with the model photos you take?
The photos I take are either for a client, or for my web and print portfolio. In some cases they are used for editorial work, for event promotion, or for commercial use.
Do you pay models?
On occasion I do have paid work available to models. Clients pay models, not me. When I do have paid work available, I give it to models I’ve worked with previously.
Do you ever do TFP/CD?
I’m always looking for truly unique or exceptional models who bring something extraordinary and stimulate my imagination. In most cases, models will get several web resolution images for personal portfolio use and promotion within a week or two of the shoot. Unless otherwise arranged, models will NOT have access to raw images.
What does TFCD and TFP mean?
Many people ask about this and the most thorough explanation is on the Wikipedia page.. The simple answer is that you are trading your modeling time for my photography time.
Can escorts or companions attend the shoot?
I encourage models to bring someone along that they feel comfortable with, especially on first time shoots. As a warning, escorts will probably get drafted into moving gear, holding props, adjusting wardrobe, and performing the jobs of a photographer’s assistant. If you show up with another photographer as your escort, without prior arrangement, I won’t shoot you. If in doubt, ask.
Do you provide Hair/Makeup?
Generally, no. Models that provide their own hair/makeup or offer to hire a professional to do it for them are FAR more likely to be considered for TFP/CD projects. On occasion, I will hire makeup artist if the project requires it.
Is nudity required for a photo shoot?
I shoot a range of styles that do not require nudity. The style of shoot will be determined and agreed upon before the shoot.
What do I need to bring with me for my shooting day?
The most important is your picture ID (drivers license, passport, etc.), to prove that you are 18 or older old. You may need to bring outfits and shoes, this will be discussed prior to the shoot.
Do I have to sign model release?
In almost all cases, yes.
Do I need any experience with modeling?
The most important is your picture ID (drivers license, passport, etc.), to prove that you are 18 or older old. If you are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian sign the model release for you. You may need to bring outfits and shoes, this will be discussed prior to the shoot.